Golden-dun stallion, born in 1991

Farther: 1084 Yalkymly, bay stallion, 1987 (974 Aygytly, dark bay, 1981 — 1879 Yalanchy, bay, 1977). Fackir-Palvan’s line.

Mother: 2158 Dobaraly, chestnut mare, 1981 (918 Senagat — 1760 Jakhan). Scack’s line. Fackir-Palvan’s line. Such famous racehorses as Soltanguly, Everdy-Teleke, and Sluchay form Yanardag’s pedigree.

Measurements (2002): 159-163-173-19,5 sm.

Breed’s value: 10-9-10-9

Class: superstrain (specimen)

At the age of 2-9 Yanardag took part in 31 races on Ashkhabad hippodrome winning first prize-places 26 times.

Speed: 500 m — 0.29,9 sec, 1000 m — l min. 07,5 sec, 2000 m. — 2 min.19sec

It was awarded «Altyn Asyr» prize (2 times), the prize of the State Association «Turkmen Atlary», «Gelishikli» prize, «Serdaryn buysanjy» prize in important prize-races. Yanardag has a unique golden-dun colour, characteristic for all Akhalteke horses, a magnificent carriage and a graceful gait. Yanardag’s movements are swift and easy. When saddled it easily rushes ahead. It was recognized to be a champion on show-exercising of Akhalteke horses in Ashkhabad city in 1998, 1999 and 2000. In 1999, it was recognized to be a breed’s world champion at the World Akhalteke horses exhibition held in Moscow.

Yanardag’s majestic profile lies in the centre of the State emblem of independent neutral Turkmenistan as an embodiment of a classic image of the Akhalteke.


Dun stallion, born in 2006

Father: Piyada, dun stallion, born in 1990 (967 Pudock — 2183 Bostan), Peren’s line.

Mother: Kenar, bay mare, born in 1999 (Gapbar - Atgulak), Fackir-Palvan’s line. Measurements: 156-157-175-18,5 (7,5-7,5-7,5).

Breed’s value: 3 performances, 0-1-2.

In 2008: a gold star of Turkestan and the champion among Akhalteke horses (Tashkent city)

Class: superstrain



Golden-dun horse, born in 1990

Father: 967 Pudock, bay stallion, born in1973. (914 Polotli— 1539 Caplyya). Peren’s line.

Mother: 2116 Bostan, bay mare, born in 1981 (955 Kemal — 728 Bamy). Gaplan’s line. Peren’s line.

Piyada’s pedigree is composed of racehorses that were distinguished with beauty and speed by father and mother’s lines. Its grandparent Polotli has been recognized as a champion among Akhalteke racehorses at the Agricultural exhibition in Moscow. Piyada is a champion among Akhalteke horses in 1993.

Measurements (2000): 159-160-172-19 cm.

Breeds value: 9,5-9-9-9-8

Class: superstrain (specimen)

Piyada has a high starting speed. It covers quickly short distances. When during the races a competition of Piyada and falcon was arranged in 1994, it left behind the hunting bird and finished the first. At the age of 2-12 it participated in 32 races on Ashkhabad hippodrome and won prize-winning places 28 times. It was awarded «Beyik Serdaryn Buysanjy» prize 8 times. In 1998, it was recognized as a winner of «Soltanyn Gyuli» show-exercising among Akhalteke horses. In 1999-2000 — a winner of «Altyn Asyr» show-exercising among Akhalteke horses. A stud-horse. More than 30 of its scions inherited remarkable breed’s qualities.



Light dun shot with gold horse, born in 1990

Father: 1082 Edenli, chestnut stallion, born in 1976 (890 Kemerli (Kemkhan) — 1508 Yyldyrym). Kir-Sackar’s line.

Mother: 2148 Gyulistan, dun mare, 1984 (1009 Serdar — 935 Gyulyaydy). Scack’s line. Kir-Sackar’s line.

Erekdag is related to such stallions as Serdar, Spesivy, fast mare Gyulsary and other magnificent racehorses by mother’s line.

Measurements: 162-162-178-19,5 cm

Breed’s value: 8-9-8-5-8.

Class: superstrain (specimen)

In 1992-2000 Erekdag participated in 48 races on Ashkhabad hippodrome and was awarded prize-winning places 24 times.

Speed: 500 m — 30,5 sec, 1000 m — 1 min. 08,2 sec, 1800 m — 2 min. 06,8 sec,

2000 m — 2 min. 20,2 sec.

In 1994, it was proclaimed a champion among Akhalteke horses. In 1996, in the races dedicated to the Day of Independence it was awarded a honorary prize at a distance of 800 m. In 1996, it became a possessor of the Challenge Cup of the National equestrianism centre after completing a 120-km run. Erekdag is used as a stud horse and gives a wonderful posterity that has golden-dun color. Its descendants are distinguished with the brightest and most characteristic peculiarities inherent in the Akhalteke breed. 



 Black stallion, born in 1992

Father: 989 Garader, black stallion born in 1977 (894 Kerven — 1520 Elsona). Kir-Sackar’s line.

Mother: Garaly-2, black mare born in 1985 (914 Polotli — 1558 Kepele). Peren’s line. Kir-Sackar’s line.

Measurements (1995): 160-163-170-19,5 cm.

Breed’s value: 9-9-8-8.

Class: superstrain (specimen)

At the age of2-7 Kursant-2 participated in the races on Ashkhabad hippodrome. It was a prizewinner of major events for prizes of «Boynou», «Bolshoi Ashkhabad» (Derby), «Myataji» and «Melekush» where it showed a high racing speed.

Speed: 1000 m — l min. 7 sec, 2000 m — 2 min. 17 sec. A champion among Akhalteke horses in 1998.

Kursant-2’s pedigree includes such renowned fast horses as Keymir, Talant, Angar, Enish, Polotli, Garaly, and Garader.



 Bay stallion, born in 2003

Father: Goar -17, dun stallion, 1986 (944 Govkher – 2005 Menaka-15). Gelishikli’s line.

Mother: Tamaly, black mare, 1992 (Yelbek – 2477 Tomasha) Kir-Sakar’s line.

Measurements: 162-160-172-19.5 (7.5-8.0-7.5).

Breed value: 9-3-5.

Class: elite

28 times participated in races. The winner of “Achylysh” (3d place, 2006), “Tangryguly Gaty” (2d place, 2006), “Yapylysh” (1st place, 2006) prizes, the champion of 2007 show. In 2008 won the races for “Russkiy argamak” prize (Pyatigorsk city, the Russian Federation).