In Turkmenistan, this equestrian sport event has ancient traditions and today, as before, it is much sought after, leaving aside neither greybearded aksakals who forget for a while their gravity, nor the youths and teenagers of the «computer» generation, for in Turkmenistan, the races are more than a sport. They are like «the call of the wild», memory of generation about the sources of blood and primordial relationship, which in the everydayness doesn’t disappear and is not forgotten throughout many centuries and generations.

An indispensable element of any racy Turkmen toy (holiday) - the performances of folk musicians – eminent bakhshi, picturesque dances and merry ritual songs of folklore collectives, set the tone for the rest of the season opening ceremony events.

Meanwhile, the stands are overcrowded, the fans, in expectation of the show, discuss their preferences, exchange forecasts about the prizewinners.

By tradition, in the course of the competition, the prizes will be put through named after the famous Akhalteke racers: «Achylysh», Seidi», «Gerogly», «Gelshikli», «Polatly, «Melegush, «Gulsary», «Garader», «Garaly», «Toparbai».

Another group of prizes was instituted in honor of the celebrate horse- breeders of Turkmenistan. Special «Trial» prizes are envisaged for the two-tear-old horses – the first-time participants of the show.

The main honorary trophies – the President of Turkmenistan Prizes – will be put through in the last Sunday of April, when the country will celebrate on a large scale the Turkmen Racer Holiday.

The new equestrian sports season has several innovations. In particular, if before in the program of races, announced were the group age of racers, the start number of each horse, its paint (color type), pedigree, the name of owner, the category of the trainer (seyis) and jockey, weight data, since now on – the riding career of the horse: the quantity of starts, the results of last performance, including the distance, the place taken, and also the color of the jockey’ camisole.

All this additional information will allow to the totalizator lovers to more competently to determine the favorite of each show. Initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the innovations came into force from the 2011-autumn season and received great popularity among the lovers of 
equestrian sports.

But, the moment came when the show-start signal is announced and waves of agitation embrace the spectators. «Get set! Go!» – and flying up, the «celestial horses» rushed around a circle of the field, making a whole with their jockeys – a single bunch of energy.

The pulsation of spectators is obeyed to the rhythm of hoofs; in the mind, everybody is there, on the racing track, together with the heart-winning racer.

It seems, the horses are faster than the fastest bird, fleeter than the wind!

Insufficient to say – rushing. They bangle over the earth, as if not at all touching it by their hoofs. Not without reason people say: «Not endowing the man with wings, instead, God donated a horse to him».

Looking asquint, the horses are having in view each other trying to guess whether to pick up speed a little or not?

As if a single sport excitement reigns in the souls of horses and spectators.

The responsive ear of horse catches the jockey’s commands; the spectators’ cries of encouragement caress the ear. Couldn there be done an ill? Forward! Faster! Still faster!
Well known are the intellect and vicious character of Akhalteke horse, but the riders affirm that their horses are so clever that they themselves «guess» what date the races are appointed on and prepare to them with not less zeal than the jockeys do.

One after another the horses cross the finish section line. Surprisingly, but the horses behave themselves like field- and-track men. The winner makes air that it is capable to run as much as one wishes with the same speed. The lagged behind horses, cast down eyes disappointed and sigh – it’s not on this time...

But as soon as the dust settled, right off the bat – a new heat.

In the first day of the season, there were 11 races that lasted during several hours. In the most intensive moments, the stands were comparable to the open encyclopedia of temperaments in the faces, eyes and gestures of spectators.

Someone was hard to keep the place, the whole time jumping and producing cries of encouragement to cheer the rider, others, to the contrary, were restrained and cool; only their fiery eyes and clinched fists exposed their internal boiling passions.

But always, among the spectators, one can find a boy nestling to the shoulder of his grandfather – a frequenter of horse shows. Like Yartygulak (a hero of the Turkmen fairy tale) sitting in the ear of horse, he ardently whispers the name of the backward horse, now appealing, now conjuring it to make a decisive jerk.

Prior to each of the heats, the spectators try to guess the future winner – very often they manage to do it, for the fans that come to the horse show are veterans, proficient ‘experts’, well knowing all riders and properties of racers.

One of the famous seyises said about the horse show, «It is more than sport and horse-riding art – it is the life itself! Couldn’t the life be compared to the fastness of the racer? The talk is, even, not of the victory, the main thing is – to see the aim and feel the flight toward it, abundant life and feelings».

Amazingly, many centuries people had been delighted at the beauty and points of Turkmen runners, a lot was written, painted and praised in verses and prose, and still, it is impossible «to get accustomed» to it! Once you throw eye on the prancing Akhalteke horse, you feel that you are again conquered by its noble posture, gracious stepping, smart well-turned head, with clever and a little bit pensive eyes...

Several days more will pass by, and again since early morning, the stands will gather numerous lovers of breath- taking horse show, to see over and over again those wonderful creatures – Akhalteke horses, which many-many centuries ago, having taken fast start, came in a hurry to us through the time and space...