There, from Ashgabat, a supermodern 40-kilometer road leads to the Ruhabat etrap of Akhal velayat. Running along the southern chain of mountains, the road received the name of mountains – the Kopetdag Alley. The trip by the Alley with its pacificating panorama of spaciousness, lined in spring with thick grasses and variegated wild field flowers, introduces in the best way the meeting with splendid creatures – the runners, associated with freedom, flight, harmony with nature, its beauty and strength.

Here, far from the capital’s vanity and noise of busy crossings, a whole town took its rise, from afar resembling the estate of a person of distinction. And indeed, it belongs to His Majesty Racer - sparkling in the sun with white marble, the gilded ornamental decoration, with a monumental – over 20-meter-high – tent shaped entrance portal decorated with the skyward sculptures of five horses …

Two more aerial bronze argamaks decorated the side arches …

The next impressive sculptural composition meets you already in the territory of the complex – as if ready in a moment to fly up from their granite plinth, the sculptures of six gracious racers framed with crystal water streams tower high in the center of the octagonal fountain.

This grandiose complex (over 90 hectares total area) with plenty of different objects was built during two years. Noteworthy that in the ceremony of laying its foundation, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov personally took part, the fact that testifies to special attention the head of state pays to the national pride of the Turkmen people. That same time, within the scope of the festivities on the occasion of the Turkmen Racer Holiday, the ceremonies of laying foundations of new hippodromes took place in all velayats of the country.

Opening of the International Equestrian Sports Complex in Ruhabat was timed to the main holiday of the country – Independence Day, which Turkmenistan celebrated on a broad scale for the twentieth time. That day, the complex hosted the holiday-associated unforgettable festivities with participation of the head of state and numerous foreign guests.

It is worth noting that launching of this and other similar objects in velayats added a powerful impulse to further advancement of the national horse-breeding husbandry and equestrian sports and attached a new quality and scope to the sport-and-recreation movement of the country, especially among the youths. Surely, the modern equestrian sport complexes are assigned not only for conducting large competitions of the national and international level, which will invest in the development of equestrian sports, training of professional jockeys capable to worthily represent Turkmenistan at the international horse shows. But they, first and foremost, are assigned to become the centers of bringing up the growing generations on the inherent to the Turkmen people traditions, of popularizing the healthy lifestyle.

And, of course, the new complex – is an arena for a truly impressive show: horse races!

Since ancient time, none of the toys or national holiday could do without horse competitions. And today, they gather numerous spectators – lovers of horse shows and, simply, the worshippers of “celestial runners”. Approved by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the prizes are competed for in the horse races of the autumn and spring seasons.

The racetracks are a key part of the complex. The major racetrack has the length of 2,000 meters; the smaller track – 1,800 meters; the grass track – 1,900 meters; and the concrete track – 1,800 meters. 7,000 spectators is the viewership capacity of the hippodrome stands. During the horse shows, it is very difficult to find a vacant seat in the overcrowded stadium. In the course of races, it is very interesting to follow not only the keen fight at the racetracks, but equally the response of partial spectators when young people and hoar-headed yashuli (elders) hazardously, with juvenile spirit are supporting their favorite four-footed friends …

In the first floor, under the stands, there are the administrative premises with every condition for the productive work of the Complex staffers.

The second floor accommodates various comfortable boxes and cafes where one can taste well-cooked food including the dainty dishes of national cuisine.

The 52-capacity hotel and SIP-grand stand are in the third floor, the VIP-grand stand for high guests – in the fourth floor.

When designing the Equestrian Sports Complex, great attention was given to its technical making up and completion. The judges rooms, stage manager premises, commentators cabins, audio and video studios are equipped on the level of the highest international standards. The modern telecommunication devices and satellite communication provide televising of the on-line direct broad- casts and TV-bridges with other hippodromes of Turkmenistan. And the minute particulars of photofinish and information about the totalizator stakes the spectators could be able to see via the monitors installed in entire territory of the complex.

To the left of the spectators stands, there is a 500-seat building of circus assigned for the breath-taking, picturesque and emotional performances of Turkmen jigits.

Nearby, there is a 800-capacity building assigned for the equestrian sport games with indoor and outdoor showjumping fields. You know, the Akhalteke racers are capable to demonstrate remarkable results in traditional races, as well as in other types of equestrian sports, including the Olympic sport events: show-jumping, dressing-out, and triathlon.

By the way, in the within-said kinds of sport, the Turkmen sport has very good prospects. Akhalteke horses are not only frisky in achieving good results in speed, but they are sufficiently strong in overcoming obstacles. Moreover, they are smart and artistic, look wonderfully in their proud foot-stepping and graceful bows. That is why, the Turkmen trainers believe, very soon, they will be able to field our team for dressing-out and show-jumping competitions and compete worthily with the traditional leaders in the type of horse shows.

It is also worth noting that availability of indoor premises for trainings allows to maintain the horses in good physical and sport conditions, to uninterruptedly conduct the training process with sportsmen irrespective of weather conditions.

The complex management section includes everything necessary for the trouble-free and efficient functioning of  the Complex – 10 horse stables, 5 houses for jockeys and seyises, a 20-horse lazaretto and laboratory, a training pool for horses, the premises for training of 80 horses, garage for the machinery and implements, a workshop, blacksmith shop, barns for hay and concentrated fodders. Great attention specialists give to the veterinary services. The horse, indeed, is the same sportsman as a man that is why, the animals’ health condition is under constant control.

The new Complex has also every opportunity for conducting business meetings, symposiums, exhibitions – a not insignificant fact, given the ever-growing interest the scientists, specialists and businessmen evince in the Turkmen Akhalteke horses.

The designers cared also for providing the Complex entertainment infrastructure. They tried not only to embody specialized functionality in its edifices, but also to attach the architectural originality to all its concomitant and subsidiary objects. Here, at the disposal of visitors are the restaurant, guest yurts, outdoor cafeterias, and amphitheater.

Special attention is given here to the children. For the young visitors of hippodrome, in its territory, a vast circus-riding hall is organized circled with children’s game and entertainment grounds.

Active rest in the fresh air, plus the intercourse with such sagacious animals as horses, becomes today for the Turkmen adolescents a real alternative to the many-hour sitting at the computer. Besides, the children who visit the local sport sections, habituate themselves to tend for horses. A habitual work for rural children, for the urban boys and girls, handling the horses is a true discovery of the new world, for intercourse with a horse starts from friendship.

Besides, the horse riding is an exciting sport, which influences all groups of muscles promoting good physical development of children. Perhaps, not everybody will become a sportsman, but everybody will surely get good physical training, nice intercourse with horses and companionship in the collective, for many of the trainings are conducted in the groups.

At that, the new hippodrome is also assigned to become a true ‘smith’ for preparing champions in different equestrian sports. Opening is also projected of the children boarding-school.

The performances of the equestrian sport group “Galkynysh” are a great success among the children. You had better see the children’s fiery eyes when the brave jigits perform the most complicated and effective tricks of the national horse games, which demand the highest qualification, ability to delicately understand and feel the horse.

In a word, the Complex is a unique place, where every condition is available for training sportsmen and maintaining horses, for the cognitive and exciting events and trips for all who love horses.

Conformable to its status, the International Equestrian Sports Complex is ready to host multiform large competitions, youth Olympics, open tournaments and championships of world level, and invites to Turkmenistan, to the Kopetdag foothills, the horse riders, professionals and worshippers of Akhalteke horse from all over the world.