For the nonce, famous well beyond the country, the equestrian sport group «Galkynysh» of the Akhalteke Equestrian Sports Complex of Turkmenistan of the President of Turkmenistan arrived in the Ukrainian capital. The riders and their remarkable horses were delivered to Kiev by special flight.

Having successfully undergone the air ‘voyage’, the Akhalteke horses, like true artists who are to be constantly in game and ready to perform before the most exacting audience, were at their best this time too. Perhaps, a little bit higher...

This feeling might have been explained by the reason itself of their arrival to Kiev where they were received by the National Circus of Ukraine – one of the oldest show enterprises of this country, which quite naturally deserves the international name recognition. The arena of this circus hosted and continues to host the performances of famous artists, whose names entered the history of the Ukrainian and world’s art. The National Circus of Ukraine – is a peculiar experimental base where the thematic programs, attractions and circus acts originate on the level of classic patterns.

In the middle of this year’s spring, an extraordinary program of such class was a grand show with participation of Turkmen riders, masters of art and circus artists of the two friendly countries. The significance of that grand bright circus performance was intensified by the presence in the capacity of honorary guests of the head of Turkemn state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich.

...When the two states’ leaders took their places at the stands side by side with the small lovers of circus, they were welcomed by such infinite enthusiastic applause of little children and adults that the frequenters of the circus hardly could remember when for the last time the endless squall of applause, friendly welcomes and joyful cries shook the circus dome.

The fanfares signal about the startup of the fiery performance, which was opened with the act of famous Turkmen and Ukrainian masters of arena and the circus beginners who in the nearest future will invest in the prestige of the circus art and continue the annals of glorious shows. The spectators applauded to the ‘spring ability’ of acrobats and flexible gymnasts, fine jongleurs and smart girl dancers, funny clowns and magician-illusionists. In a word, everything was demonstrated what makes the circus a fairytale and attractive world with its wonder-makings and «the impossible – is possible» game.

And there now, a graceful runner appears on the arena, the atlas paint of which in the rays of projectors shines like a noonday southern sun. Peacefully it grazes on the ‘grassplot’ of arena, as if presenting a chance to the audience to admire its irreproachable perfection. Meanwhile, like a spring breeze, the whisper of enthusiastic impressions from the almost unreal beauty of the horse in the light of soffits embraces the audience.

A shy kid approaches the horse – at a glance one can see how he is lonely and is searching for a true friend. Throwing an eye on the kid, the attentive Akhalteke horse lets the kid understand that it also is searching for the friend. The boy proposes entertainment to the horse in his tiny hand and horse with quivering lips takes the food. In acknowledgment, the horse proposes its back to the kid, and the boy astride the horse starts to joyfully ride in the arena. And the silent kid and powerful horse are now not lonely. They found each other to become true close friends...

This breath-taking lyric scene captivated at once the spectators by its bright poetics of harmony of the kid’s emotional purity and the beautiful horse’s powerful point. The scene was a wonderful song about relations of man and horse, understanding wordless each other seemly true friends.

In a moment, the jigits literally ‘fly up’ into the arena astride the «celestial runners» (such name the fastest Akhalteke horses received in ancient times), and a really fairy show started. The unimaginably picturesque and effervescent show donated to the audience plenty of delightful 
and agitating emotions.

In the hands of riders, the flags of two friendly countries – Turkmenistan and Ukraine – are flaunting. The feature of the program is the famous horse show performed astride the Akhalteke horses by Turkmen riders from the «Galkynysh» group – the successors of the best traditions of the Turkmen stunts-on-horseback art. The spectators are fascinated with irreproachable beauty and unmerciful alertness of the really «horses of paradise». The audience enthusiastically applauds the mastery and bravery of Turkmen riders who in full swing perform the very complicated tricks of the highest level.

The legendary «celestial horses» – are the priceless asset of not only national but also of the mankind’s heritage. They – the Akhalteke horses – are the decoration of any international equestrian competition, and, of course, of the people’s festivities.

On this day, the atmosphere of the two peoples’ unity and of the really grand holiday ruled the arena of the National Circus of Ukraine. Fascinated with the magic of the breath-taking show, the overcrowded stands of spectators met each act of Turkmen equestrians with a chorus of applause.

Jumping down from the heated horse and flying up again on the horse- back, somersaulting and building a three tire pyramid, the Turkmen riders surprised the spectators with their high mastery, fearlessness and riding wonders. 

...Wonders, they are only for spectators. Under the boldness, filigree movements, they hide the extreme concentration, intense, risk and painstaking work of riders. The modern art of stunts on horseback originated from the ancient combat maneuvers of the peoples of Central Asia and Orient. By the way, in many countries of the word, in which in ancient times the horse-riding trade was not developed, later it also didn’t take roots due to absence of traditions and the feeling of profound understanding between the rider and runner genetically handed down from generation to generation.

Boldness, alertness, effervescent of the acts – plus professional skills and the internal inconceivable ‘kinship’ of a Turkmen rider and horse (understandable and striking at once the eye), make the performance of jigits a striking show.

The conclusive part of the circus performance was crowned with the musical composition «Horses of Paradise» – wonderful Akhalteke horses, sensitively obeying the commands of riders, together with artists performed an ancient Turkmen folk dance - kushdepdi. Centuries-old, the dance even today conquers the people with its whirlwind rhythm and temperament.

For a long time, the ovations did not cease under the dome of the National Circus of Ukraine. Certainly, this unforgettable creative holiday was a chance to better understand the national character of the Turkmen nation, to closely familiarize with the original heritage and modern circus art.

The Turkmen-Ukrainian cooperation in the humanitarian sphere rightfully takes a special place in the relation of two countries, based on the peoples’ rich history, their considerable contribution to the world’s culture, sustainable interest to the spiritual life of each other. Opening new horizons for the creativity, each kind of art serves for the increase of primordial values of nations, strengthening of understanding and friendship, cross-fertilization of cultures of the two brotherly nations. In this aspect, the circus art – is a special phenomenon, bearing in itself a huge supply of positive energy and optimism, holiday mood, beauty and talent.

Very often people say that right the horse promoted «putting a man on his feet»; the horses were used to make fardistant moves and travels; the horses were used to plough the earth; the horses were used to fight and protect the native land... In a word, gradually but confidently we had been paving the road toward civilization. And wherever whenever, on that road a circus appeared. Thinking of the history of circus origin, it can be expected that the circus – is not merely a ‘circle’; this notion hides behind the mystery about the ancient sanctuary, in which the temporality met with eternity, and the terrestrial - with the elevated...

And today, the same as many centuries ago, these fast, wonderful and a little bit ethereal «celestial runners» are circle-wise riding leaving behind the wind.